As educators, we have a responsibility to seek and teach justice, to call out injustice, and to lead our students and colleagues to a better tomorrow where every Black life will finally matter. We support our students, faculty, colleagues, staff, alumni, and supporters of color.

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Do you have questions about the college search, the application process, financial aid, or living and learning on a CTCL-member school campus? Recordings of CTCL's Fall 2020 information sessions are just a click away. Sit back, watch, and listen to presentations by individual colleges and universities, as well as panel discussions and Q&A sessions on a variety of topics important to finding the right college for you.

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Thousands of students and families have reaped the benefits of a CTCL experience and have been “changed” in ways that were unforeseen but graciously welcomed.

Your donation to the CTCL Scholarship fund makes the CTCL experience a reality for even more students and is a wonderful way to honor author Loren Pope’s wisdom and the ongoing work of CTCL in carrying forth his vision.

The Director's Corner

Isn’t it ironic that experts have been calling for "less screen time" for a decade, and here we are spending more time than ever on our screens?

Seriously, it’s easy to say, "Who wants more Zoom time?" But, in 2020, students and admission counselors haven't been able to travel and meet as before, and as a result there's a huge gap in the knowledge-gathering stage of the college admissions process. So, we Zoom. And we Google Meet. And sometimes, we even use our phones as phones and just talk. For better or worse, these methods are now essential to the college admissions process today.

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Personalized, student-centered experiences are at the heart of every Colleges That Change Lives education. While the CTCL member schools all share that mission, they are otherwise very distinctive from one another.

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