College Search Prep

Visiting a college campus?
Going to a college fair?
Meeting with a college counselor?
Texting with a current student?

Whether you're just beginning the college search or finishing the applications, prepare to ask the right questions -- of yourself and those you meet -- with a copy of CTCL's popular guide: "How to Choose a College That's Right for You."

Senior Year Anxiety

Senior year is all about having fun and making memories, right? Yes, but ... Senior year anxiety is real, too.

And, it's no wonder: Teachers want your best effort in the classroom, counselors want you to complete college applications, and everyone wants an answer about what you plan to do for the rest of your life. But, it doesn't have to be that way.

Read more to learn how.

Campus Visits How-To's

Visiting a college campus is an important step in the college search. When done right, campus visits take what you've learned from brochures, websites, and conversations to the next level to give you a sense of what a college — and life at that college — is actually like.

Make the most of your campus visit by following these four recommendations.

Recommended Reading

We have curated this selection of articles and essays to inspire new thinking as well as to offer answers to the most common questions about today's college search and selection process. Whether you're just beginning to think about attending a college, prepping to submit an application, or supporting a student in your life, you'll want to check it out.

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Whatever your heart (and mind!) desires, we invite you to search the CTCL colleges here online to find your very own transformative college experience.