As educators, we have a responsibility to seek and teach justice, to call out injustice, and to lead our students and colleagues to a better tomorrow where every Black life will finally matter. We support our students, faculty, colleagues, staff, alumni, and supporters of color. Read the statement from the CTCL Board of Directors.

2020 CTCL Events Go Virtual

CTCL's annual road show has been moved online in 2020. Join us via Zoom August 15-18 for the CTCL Virtual Days. Join us for sessions hosted by individual CTCL-member Colleges as well as featured presentations on the liberal arts, essay writing, athletics, interviewing, college visits, and more!

Change Lives with the CTCL Scholarship

Thousands of students and families have reaped the benefits of a CTCL experience and have been “changed” in ways that were unforeseen but graciously welcomed. Your donation to the CTCL Scholarship fund makes the CTCL experience a reality for even more students and is a wonderful way to honor author Loren Pope’s wisdom and the ongoing work of CTCL in carrying forth his vision.

The Director's Corner

It’s July. We’ve passed the Summer Solstice and we are moving swiftly towards “back to school” time. But, what will “back to school” look like this fall? For many high school students one concern that overshadows others is the question of standardized tests. But let’s keep a few things in mind if you are and your child are scrambling to find a test site: Hundreds of colleges and universities have gone test-optional in the past few months. Tests may be optional; your health and safety are not.

Search the CTCL Colleges

Personalized, student-centered experiences are at the heart of every Colleges That Change Lives education. While the CTCL member schools all share that mission, they are otherwise very distinctive from one another.

Whatever your heart (and mind!) desires, we invite you to search the CTCL colleges here online to find your very own transformative college experience.