Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?

fingers on a keyboard

Way back in eighth grade, one of the best English teachers I ever had drilled WWWWWH into us. As we  researched or wrote assignments, finding the answers to these questions would usually help us discover the information we needed. (Back then, we used big, heavy, paper encyclopedias and the dusty library stacks, but that’s a story for another day….)

As students and families dive into the college search today, letting WWWWWH guide your research can be useful again. Luckily, you can skip the trip to the library and use your fingertips—literally—to help answer these questions. With so many online resources offering advice (including me!), the web makes it so easy to learn more about colleges. On the flip side: so many online resources offering advice, the web can make it seem more confusing: Who can answer my questions? What questions should I ask? When should I research? Where can I find the information I need? Why am I thinking about a college degree in the first place? How long will it take to find all the answers?

Of course, we believe www.ctcl.org can be helpful but also want to recommend a few other sites that we trust to help make this process less daunting.

As for the “Who can answer my questions?” question—contact me anytime at maria.furtado@ctcl.org. I will answer those questions to the best of my ability. Happy researching!

College Week Live – Live Chats with Hundreds of Colleges
College Data – A College Search Site
FinAid – The Smart Student Guide to Financial Aid
Fastweb – Scholarship Search Engine
FairTest.org – The National Center for Fair and Open Testing
LD Online – The Educators Guide to Learning Disabilities and ADHD for College and College Prep
NCAA Eligibility Center