The Upside of Zooming

students use laptops

I have vivid memories of being a kid and running carefree through the park with my friends. Arms outstretched as if we were airplanes or birds, we’d yell “Zoom!” with great joy. Today, I think it’s unlikely that any high school student, teacher, counselor, or parent—really, almost anyone—says “Zoom!” with great joy.

However, online opportunities have made a huge difference in the past 12 months. For better or worse, they’ve helped us to carry on with our (modified) lives, whether for work, school, or family holiday virtual gatherings.

CTCL will be employing the same technologies to host online information sessions March 23 and 24. They’re Zoom sessions. (Yes, more Zoom.) Admissions staff everywhere miss meeting students and families in person; so if the alternative is no interaction, we choose virtual interaction.

While the meetings will be only two-dimensional, you can expect the CTCL representatives to have the same enthusiasm you’d find at a traditional college fair or information session. They look forward to answering your questions and sharing information about what distinguishes their schools! If you’re a high school junior or sophomore; a potential transfer student; or a counselor, CBO leader, or family supporters, please consider joining us for one of the upcoming CTCL-member school sessions. I think you’ll be glad you did.

And just a quick request—if you know a high school senior who seems a bit on edge this month, be kind. They’re waiting for decisions, and it may be a challenging time for some. Remind them that soon enough they’ll get their decisions, make their choice, and won’t need Zoom nearly as much in the fall when they head off to a college campus (hopefully a CTCL-member campus)!

Stay safe. Wear a mask.