It’s Time to Show Our Appreciation

the words Thank You
Heading into the third semester of learning during the pandemic, who deserves a round of appreciation?
A) Teachers who added “tech services” to their knowledge of Shakespeare
B) College counselors who wrote those amazing letters of reference
C) Parents who guided and cajoled their students
D) All of the above

And, the answer is … D! Let’s take a few minutes to appreciate the teachers and counselors who have guided our students during the past few months of life in a pandemic.

While balancing their own lives and families, educators have learned new technologies, new ways of teaching, and new ways of living. They have added “tech service” to their knowledge of Shakespeare and calculus. They have gone above and beyond to teach over Zoom and Google Meet, trying to make online learning as interesting and dynamic as the classroom experience.

College advisors have worked to connect with their counselees online since in-person appointments and spontaneous conversations in the hallways don’t happen these days. They try to do their best to predict what all the colleges will do about lack of access to testing, housing, tuition costs, wait lists, deferred students, gap years, and more—a challenging task for sure since they don’t work for the colleges. Despite this, they are doing everything they can to help students and families including keeping their eyes and ears peeled for indicators about what decisions colleges will make. Oh, they have families to take care of, too.

Be kind to one another as we go into another crazy semester. Be kind to seniors who are anxious about decisions. Be kind to juniors who are unsure about what they don’t know. Be kind to parents and guardians who are waiting to celebrate and console the seniors in their lives as those decision begin to arrive.

Take time to say thank you—to the college advisor that put that extra school on the list, to the teacher who worked over a weekend to write that reference letter, to the coach who connected you or your child to a coach on a college campus.

On behalf of all the CTCL colleges reps, thank you to the students who entrusted us with your stories, your hopes, and your dreams. Thank you to the counselors and teachers who gave 110% these last few months. Last but not least, thank you to the parents and families who have guided, cajoled, encouraged, and pushed students to dream big.