Stephen J. Forman on the Power of Liberal Arts

“My experience as a student of the liberal arts at St. John’s College in Annapolis has had a profound impact on my life both personally and professionally. I am currently a medical oncologist at the City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center and have spent my life caring for people with cancer and conducting both basic and clinical research designed to develop new and more effective therapies to help extend people’s lives and sometimes cure their disease.

Unlike most of my peers, I did not have a scientific major in college, but chose a school where I could obtain a broad liberal arts education and confront the important questions that we all face as members of the human family. Beyond the books we read and discussed and the math and science we studied, one of the most important gifts of that education has been acquiring the habits of listening and reading critically and of engaging people in respectful dialogue to understand a question or a problem at a deeper level … Over the years, this discipline prepared me to confront new intellectual and professional challenges, to be unafraid to learn new knowledge, and to have a life of continuous and joyful learning.”

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