Navigating these Strange Times

a student listens and watches an online course

Senior year is hard, even when students can visit colleges. Junior year is hard, even when college fairs are happening. Transferring is hard, even when students can meet with reps to discuss the whole process in person. Of course, events right now make all of this even harder.

There is good news, however: College reps want to help. They are organizing virtual events, sending email with links and information, and taking appointments by Zoom. They are texting and chatting and taking calls.

What can you do? Reach out and stay in touch. Although we are currently being advised to stay home and keep a safe distance from others, let’s remember that a great school may be farther from home and that faculty who are committed to teaching undergrads remain committed. To help students navigate these strange events, faculty are leveraging technology to teach classes, advise students, and stay in touch in new and different ways.

During this unprecedented global challenge, I hope we all will try to be our best selves—and our bravest selves. Schools, colleges, and organizations are being asked to make difficult decisions with information that is changing daily (and sometimes hourly)! Let’s remember that their work isn’t easy and offer thanks to the staff and faculty everywhere for working to keep their communities safe.

As always, don’t hesitate to contact me if I can help in any way.