Giving Seniors Space this Season

Although much of the country is experiencing a colder than normal February, the sun is up a little earlier each morning and I am reminded that a change of season is around the corner. Spring is such a hopeful time in nature—flowers bloom, trees bud, and there are more hours of daylight to enjoy.

In the world of college admission, spring is an overlap season: Most juniors are just starting to consider the college search process and seniors are anxiously awaiting decisions from colleges. Both sets of students are looking forward, and they are hopeful.

Since juniors are just jumping into the search, let me focus on seniors. So far this school year, they’ve been busy—researching schools, thoughtfully building lists, carefully crafting essays. For those who did not choose an early decision, early action, or rolling admission school, it’s all about the waiting now.

Let’s allow these seniors a little space to be patient with the waiting, to celebrate the admits, to grieve the denies.

Remember their senior years isn’t going exactly as planned—no prom, no homecoming, no last game. Give them the room to be a bit anxious and remind them to take some time to enjoy those long days, blooming flowers, and all the possibilities that lie ahead for them.