The College Search Mindset

A college fair is one of several ways to learn about colleges and universities. Here, representatives look forward to connecting with students to help them learn not only more about their individual schools but also about themselves as college-bound students.

In this short video, Executive Director Ann Marano offers her advice, tips, and suggestions for bringing the best mindset not only to college fairs and information sessions but to the college search itself.

Support Scholarships

THANK YOU to all who have donated to the Colleges That Change Lives Scholarship Fund--your generosity will help to ensure that even more students have access to a student-centered life-changing college experience at a CTCL-member school.

If you missed our Giving Day, it's not too late to make a donation and CHANGE LIVES.

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Senior Year Anxiety?

If you're a senior, you're probably feeling pulled in multiple directions: teachers want you to do your best, counselors want you to finish your applications, and everyone else wants to know what you're going to do with the rest of your life. On top of all this, you don't want to miss out on all the fun of senior year!

Good news: If you're here on the CTCL site, you're already moving in the right direction. Read on to see how to reduce your stress and make your senior year amazing.

The Director's Corner

The Colleges That Change Lives group of schools has worked together since 1998, and for almost all that time CTCL has been part of my professional life. Naturally, this work has influenced my personal life and changed me, along with the lives of thousands of students, along the way.

This chapter is coming to a close for me now, and this is my final Director’s Corner. I leave CTCL in the incredibly capable hands of a new Executive Director and a dedicated Board of Directors. My life has been changed, and I will be forever grateful.

Search the CTCL Colleges

Personalized, student-centered experiences are at the heart of every Colleges That Change Lives education. While the CTCL member schools all share that mission, they are otherwise very distinctive from one another.

Whatever your heart (and mind!) desires, we invite you to search the CTCL colleges here online to find your very own transformative college experience.